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Re: Where do you get your children's books?

Yard sales are my favorite, they range from 0.25 to $1 max. I remember one epic sale, I walked out of there with a grocery bag full of gorgeous books for $8!! Oh and the one from this summer with a teacher who retired...oh man, that was a great one, beautiful books for like 0.50. I haven't had good luck at our local Goodwill but I don't stalk it, whenever I go they're all picked over and icky.

I'm also in the Children's Book of the Month club, it's not as cheap as used but once or twice a year I place an order when they have specials and I probably average half price of new. And I love, sometimes the young kids' books aren't that great but I've been scoring early readers/chapter books for my son, sometimes in perfectly new shape.
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