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Re: VBAC=Induction? WWYD?

I had two pitocin-induced VBAC's following my two c-sections! Pitocin is considered safe for VBAC induction and there is no evidence it increases the risk of uterine rupture. Cervadil or methods of cervical ripening DO increase risks of uterine rupture and are not recommended for women attempting VBAC. And please everyone remember, ANY woman's uterus can rupture during labor, whether she's had a c/s or not! The risks are only slightly higher for a woman who has had a c/s, and not nearly enough to be more worrisome than the risks of another c/s!

The reasons inductions fail or succeed have to do with whether or not a woman's body is ready for labor. Are you familiar with the Bishops Score? Its a way of determining how ready your body is for labor and therefore how effective an induction is expected to be.

My Bishops Score with my last two was favorable, and so induction worked for me. However, I am not a fan of routine induction and while there is no reason a women who needs to be induced cannot have a VBAC, I see no reason why a woman who wants to have a VBAC would need to be induced either without some other medical cause.
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