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Re: Does anyone else have to save $$$ to take maternity leave????

i know this is an old thread, but yeah i also have to save for maternity leave. i've decided not to return to my job, and i won't have any paid leave at all, but i'm the primary bread-earner so we can't survive off DH's income alone. i started planning this when i found out in october, and so far I've managed to put away $2500. I'll need to double that to get through about 2.5 months without working, and then after that I'll have to pull in $1500/month with contracting jobs. it's a scary prospect!!

it's been really hard to save this month - i had to create different budgets for the first 4 months of the year, the next 3 months, and then the last 5 months (I budget in Quicken so it's a yearly budget, but you can change category amounts each month or quarter if you want). we're still eating out too much and buying lots of convenience foods - partly because i've been sick all month. that's gotta change once this baby comes!
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