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Re: Need an October 2011 board. :)

Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
Has anyone told their little ones about the pregnancy yet?

I told my boys & they had two very different reactions.
Gabe was excited, and asked if we could have a little girl.
Xavier said, "Babies suck!" Now he's excited & wants another boy.
Of course, Mason doesn't know what's going on. But I told him he better by walking by the time to new one comes along. He's 15 months old and refuses to walk.
My DD was there when I told my mom (literally like laying on the couch next to grandma) but I don't think she "got it". She has been asking for "Another Logan" (Logan being her little brother) for a while now so I think she will be happy. when we do finally tell her. DS is only 16mo so he won't "get it" anyway. We didn't really "tell" DD when we were pregnant w/ DS. We would throw "when your little brother is here" into the conversation and stuff, made it more casual than a "big" announcement. We will probably take the same route this time. (DD was about the same age DS is now when we got pregnant with DS)

Originally Posted by ambersrose View Post
I am not telling my kids until they notice and ask or when we are ready to tell everyone else. My husband is in denial I think he is just scared to get emotionally involved after the loss of my last pregnancy. I feel very lonely in this pregnancy.

Originally Posted by nrsenadenos View Post
When I come out of denial.

Originally Posted by mythik View Post
Hugs mamas.

I'm feeling a bit nervous, had old blood spotting the last few days which I think is ok. With DS it didn't start until 6 weeks but so long as it's old right? But my other concern is that I have only one symptom right now and that is having dry mouth/thirst.

Anyone else experience no symptoms during the first bit?

My only symptom right now is a mild nausea. With DS I didn't have any "symptoms" until I was almost 6 or 8 weeks along. As long as it is brown, you are fine. Even light pink is usually OK. It is the bright red that you need to put a call into your OB about.

Okay it is someone else's turn to PM Juan (Juan M) about the DDC forum
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