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Re: May Flowers Chat Groundhogs day!


Jules - Aww, doesn't sound like you guys got it bad at all!

Originally Posted by luvnmyfamily View Post
Maybe I'll be joining the daily chat more often, ha ha! Here again, but wishing I was still in my bed.

I know this probably isn't the right place to ask this, but this is the only place where I know I will be able to find the thread.... DS is 14 months old, and has been waking up around 4 am for months (about the time his first teeth came through at 8 months). Usually he just needs to cuddle and he'll fall right back to sleep, but lately that's not the case. He'll wake up and stay awake for about an hour and then fall back to sleep for 2-3 hours after I have decided to stop trying to get him to sleep and bite the bullet and just get up. We have tried CIO but I think it's cruel to let him cry longer than 15 min... It's just mean to let them cry until they're hysterical, and then scared.... SO... What do I do?? Is there anything? I know I shouldn't complain because he sleeps until then, but I don't get a nap like he does!! And I'm just exhausted.....
This is just MHO, but...

At 14 mos, it's not considered this point it seems to be mommy manipulation. He knows you will do what he wants when he cries, so that's what he does. I understand not letting an infant CIO, but he's past that point, KWIM?

Sorry he's doing that. That's gotta be rough, especially when you're prob not getting a lot of sleep being preggo!

Originally Posted by Mama4Ways View Post
Luv--Tough situation. Ive done both things with CIO. One being "Oh my gawd! The baby is crying??!?! Pick him up!!!!" to "Yeah, youve been crying for uhhmmm 40 minutes and you have long since lost your fruity little mind, and guess what? Nothing awful happened to you, and yeah, it sucks to be you right now, but maybe tomorrow you will not let yourself get so worked up..." I am happy to report that the kids that went through my early learning as a parent have grown up and are as well adjusted and stable people as they can be as young adults now, so I can't say that either extreme damaged them.

What ended up working for us as a routine is a middle ground. Set the time limit that you can tolerate for letting him self-comfort (far better thought than CIO), then at that time, go into him, settle him down right where he is, reassure him that he's not dying or worse, snuggle his transitional objects with him, then when hes calm, put him back down and let him know its not time to wake up yet. For me its about 10-15 minutes.

Ive experienced that there is an escalation at first, where the crying gets worse after I leave, but with perserverance, it eventually will calm and the baby will fuss for a bit, then self-comfort. Took my YDD about a week to learn that all the crying in the world wouldnt get her out of her cage and UP!! in the middle of the night oclock thirty, and she was able to get comfortable again. She still wakes about the same time nightly (for us, its 3:20 am., but she takes less than 3 minutes to get herself situated and back to sleep. Its work to do, but well worth it in a week or two when you realize you slept until 7 am and baby didnt get you up...

Today Im at my dh's house, so my first order of business is cleaning, then I was hoping to get some knitting done. I joined the shorties knit-along here to give me focus, and Im itching to get going.

AOTD--the storm missed us, although we are in a deep freeze again so Ill be staying in rather than braving the -40 temps with -65 windchills. No need to go anywhere... I have PLENTY to do here LOL

Have fun, A! LOL! Sounds like....a blaaaast.....

Originally Posted by cococomey View Post
Same ole' here- off to work and then I have to move my charity storage unit to another locker...ugh... hopefully my mom can help me and i can get it all done in 1 day.
Tonight I do a visit with my foster babes new forever family .... this is has more emotional than I originally planned for

AOTD: Nope- its been beautiful in Florida

We got the storm. It's cold and snowy and I won't be getting out of the driveway today. LOL. DH started shoveling, but didn't get too far. There is waaaaay too much snow and drifting.

I'm tired. Not sleeping well. Baby seems to like to turn breech at night (has anyone ever heard of/experienced this??!!!???) and has his head right in my diaphragm and it HURTS. DH laughs at me when I try to turn him (or at least move him) myself, but he has no idea how painful it really is, esp. when I need to get up in a hurry to pee!
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