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Re: JuneBugs - Valentine's Chat Thread! (February)

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
took these the other day when it came Just excuse my frumpy self. Does it look good? It is comfy like that just not sure I am doing it right. This is the pics of the piccolo. I love the beco!

And yes, that is rectal temp. She is in bed now. It's only 7:30 and she is just out. I think it will be a long night though. She can't breath out of her nose at all and now I can feel the gunk in her lungs when I put my hand on her back.
Looke great Shannon! I love that print as well. In fact what got me obsessed with the 4th Gen is that print (well and the comfort too!)

Keep an eye on her fever and the rattling in her chest. Usually though it isn't really in their chest but in the back of their throat. So when they breathe it sounds like it is rattaling. Weird how you can feel it in their chest though. Everytime I feel it in my kids I rush them to the doc and she tells me "it's just in the back of their throat!" She lets me listen to their chest too! Also what I find to help speed up the recovery is saline nose drops! Really thins out the mucus and helps to get the virus out. Also you can give them elderberry syrup to help with colds.

I had a great homeopath doc that gave me some for when Anthony was little and sick!
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