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Re: JuneBugs - Valentine's Chat Thread! (February)

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
elena here is the one:
but they only had red, which is fine!
I have seen something similar in the baby "boutique" in town here... but it's a far cry more than $20! (like over $200)
Looks like he's loving sitting at the table and eating with y'all!

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Fire dept has got us busy! We both started the emt class. It is going to be a lot but I am excited. Addi can go to class with us

Addi is sick She has never been sick before but she has had a fever the past 3 days and this morning she woke up crying around 4am. This is the baby who has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old She is so stuffy she has to breath out of her mouth and her fever is back again. she was 100.2 this morning. We are waiting till bedtime to give her Tylenol tonight.

I have a beco 4th gen One of our old mamas sent it to me. I love it and so far Addi likes it even though she has to face in We also got a great deal on that Piccolo on TBW. That i incredibly comfy So we are set with carriers for now...unless we can work out this ergo for a gemini carrier trade
I'm happy to hear that you're doing the EMT class, Shannon! And how awesome that Addi can come with you - perfect!
Sorry she's sick. Poor thing. Hopefully it won't last long - or hopefully you'll get it soon and give her the antibodies... as unfortunate as it is to be sick, at least there's that perk!

Awesome about the carriers! I'm really antsy to get the 4th gen - I am borrowing one from Jessica, but then I also bought that one on FSOT. It's a race, lol.

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
took these the other day when it came Just excuse my frumpy self. Does it look good? It is comfy like that just not sure I am doing it right. This is the pics of the piccolo. I love the beco!
I think it looks good! As long as it's comfy, I say go with it! Have you tried her on your back? I love back carrying - just so much easier to really have hands free and be able to get stuff done.
The more pics I see of the beco (either the 4th gen, butterfly, or the gemini) the more I worry about that waist strap. I just don't know if I'm gonna like it at all - it looks very similar to the Ergo waist strap, and that's a huge dislike of mine on the Ergo. Is it similar to that one, or are there differences I'm not seeing in pics?
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