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Re: JuneBugs - Valentine's Chat Thread! (February)

Tamera: I think you are right, it's in her throat. Poor thing is soooo stuffy. Thanks for the link The only thing I worry about is the honey. It said to add it to hot water for kids under 2....I don't get what that means. Like add hot water too it or add the honey in the water before the berries or boil the jar.

Elena: I tried it on my back for a minute. She cried and just kinda hung her head back. She didn't seem happy with it and I am nervous with her on my back for some reason. Maybe once she gets a little bigger. I would get sick to take this away from her

As for ergo and 4th gen: The shoulder straps on the ergo are much thicker. I can't get them comfortable at all. The waistband is actually a little thinner but it feels different. The ergo's feels more flimsy. They are both separated in 3 parts...the ergo's are pretty much even while the beco's middle panel is much longer than the side panels if that makes sense. I really love the beco much more than the ergo.

side by side

shoulder straps:


Terra: Sorry Livia is still sick I feel for you! I sure hope she gets better soon and that Addi's doesn't last that long.

AFM: Addi is still sick. But today is the first day in 5 days she woke up without a fever She is still really snotty though poor girl

It was -29 with wind chill of -39 (Fahrenheit) last night. We are finally up to 0 now. It was -11 all day yesterday. Unbelievably cold!!!! There is lots of snow on the ground and it is drifted pretty bad. Schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row. Today they were closed for the cold...61 degrees below freezing is unheard of here! That's -33 Celsius!

Our pipes froze yesterday but DH figured out where and put a heater on them. Now we are trying to figure out what to do with our day today.
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