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Re: JuneBugs - Valentine's Chat Thread! (February)

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
The waist on the ergo and the puffy straps are my biggest pet peeve! The 4th gen and gemini have a straight waistband! Much more comfy IMO!
I'm definitely interested to try out the 4th Gen. I'm really loving the BH, though - so comfy and easy to use!

Originally Posted by Terra76 View Post
I am having problems with my BBII and back carrying.

AFM: Well, Livia is still sick I am getting ready to take her in. Poor dear actually gets excited to see the blue aspirator and that is just wrong!! I have had a really stiff neck for the last 3 days so haven't fiddled with the carrier.

I am getting really excited about opening my store soon! I am waiting on our tax return to order my inventory. This has been a dream of mine for a long time
Is it just uncomfy for you back carrying? I do so adore back carrying!

Sorry she's still Lots of that going around this year, unfortunately.
What kinds of things are you planning to sell in the store? !

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Elena: I tried it on my back for a minute. She cried and just kinda hung her head back. She didn't seem happy with it and I am nervous with her on my back for some reason. Maybe once she gets a little bigger. I would get sick to take this away from her

As for ergo and 4th gen: The shoulder straps on the ergo are much thicker. I can't get them comfortable at all. The waistband is actually a little thinner but it feels different. The ergo's feels more flimsy. They are both separated in 3 parts...the ergo's are pretty much even while the beco's middle panel is much longer than the side panels if that makes sense. I really love the beco much more than the ergo.

AFM: Addi is still sick. But today is the first day in 5 days she woke up without a fever She is still really snotty though poor girl

It was -29 with wind chill of -39 (Fahrenheit) last night. We are finally up to 0 now. It was -11 all day yesterday. Unbelievably cold!!!! There is lots of snow on the ground and it is drifted pretty bad. Schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row. Today they were closed for the cold...61 degrees below freezing is unheard of here! That's -33 Celsius!
I wonder if she's just not used to back carrying, so she was worried? When I first started back carrying Levi I made sure to stand in front of our mirror at the very beginning, or walk right to it, so he could see me and realize he was just on my back. Then he was always fine after that. I don't have to bother saying "hi" in the mirror anymore - although I still do sometimes, just for fun!
I think it helps that I really started back carrying with an older toddler. Isaac was 2 when I got my Ergo, so he was able to actually help get himself on my back. I got very comfortable with him on my back, so this seems normal - although it definitely is different with a smaller baby!
Thank you so much for the comparison shots!!! So awesome of you! I do love the less padded straps of the BH vs the Ergo, and I hope that the waist strap on the Beco is a better fit for me - the Ergo just always seems to push my darn pants down, lol. The BH waist strap isn't padded at all, and I find I can tie it on higher than the Ergo waist sits on me. I'm short-torsoed, too, which isn't helping matters I think.
Anyways, excited to try out the 4th gen still!

Sounds like she's slowly on the mend - although I'd watch for a rash appearing today or tonight. There's a few childhood illnesses that present that way - fever lasting days, followed by a rash on the torso spreading to the appendages and face. Also, 5th's disease starts with a fever and cold symptoms, followed by a rash starting on the cheeks (looks like they've been slapped, hence "slapped cheek disease") and can spread to the rest of the body.
None are really dangerous for the child, but just good to get a quick Dx and know for future reference - for example, 5ths disease can be very dangerous for a pregnant mom and the baby, so if she's had it she wouldn't have the worry of that if she came in contact with it when pregnant.

Yup. Those are normal winter temps for us, from late Jan through most of Feb. Some years (like a couple years ago) those temps honestly lasted from mid Nov through until March. It's a lot warmer here today, and I'm hoping it continues through the weekend - the older 2 have their school ski trip tomorrow and it would be much nicer near 0 - but it's supposed to go back down to the -30's on Monday.

AFM: Yup, that's about what's happening here - !!!
Levi's getting all over the place - which would be a lot more fun if the darn replacement hinges for our stairs gate would arrive!
He's saying "mum mum" still and says "baba" for dada. The past couple days he's saying "a-da" and I'm quite sure meaning "all done".
And I've never had/seen a kid take to solids like he has, just so quickly. If he sees any of us with food he crawls over and yells until we share Yet, and I'm so happy with this part, he knows when he's done, he stops on his own, and he's still wanting to nurse just as much as ever. Couldn't ask for a better "solids starting"! I'll admit, I was hoping not to start them until 8+ months with him, but ah well. He's obviously ready and wanting them, so be it.
No teeth yet, but I think there's something more happening in there on the bottom - definitely white bumpy gums. Shucks, I love me some gummy grins! Soaking them up while they last!

I gotta go shower and get ready - the kids have skating tonight after school. *sigh*
Oh shoot, and I need to get some pictures off my camera and online.
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