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Re: JuneBugs - Valentine's Chat Thread! (February)

Shannon, there is just elderberry syrup you can buy as cough syrup. That's what I use. So it doesn't have honey in it. It tastes like blueberry juice. When they are older, I just use lemon and honey- for sore throats and coughs. I buy a big thing of honey and a bag of lemons at costco and do equal parts. Leave it in fridge and then either give like cough med, or put it in hot water
She is probably just unsure. Try it when she is in good spirits and DH is around so she might feel "safer". Put her in and immediately start walking, dancing, bouncing around. Kailani used to be scared too.

Man I hate the winter! I am still not used to the cold and I have lived here forevs. Idk how you up-north mamas do it!

Oh, Amanda, I adore those hats! All the kiddos look so beautiful

Elena, do you have the gates propped up, meanwhile? They way my stairs are, I just have to have them leaning against stuff. He has knocked them down, but we are always right there, they are more to give us a few seconds of leeway to get to him before he tumbles.
I love that he screamed for salad! go, big boy!

Let us know how Livia is, Terra! Did you figure out the back carry? Put the waist up high and tighten a lot!

AFM: got a yamo yesterday and we like it. It is very narrow, but I adore the hood. The curved waist band, I dunno. I am used to the beco. I am planning on using that for front carries for now (since I don't have a bw-ing coat) and using it when we are out. The beco I will leave in the house for back carries.

AFK: I dunno. He got diarrhea again last night. After a normal poo on the potty. Then everywhere a bit later. Then he slept for HOURS and hours. Not sure if it's an allergy? he had no fever. And he wasn't upset. :shrug: The day before he had had his rice puffs cereal (it is ONLY brown rice), a few whole oats (like cheerios) and sucked on a pepper strip and lettuce leaf. He loves those whole oats. He crunches them in half with his front teeth, and then moves it them to the side to chew them with his gums. He sometimes has trouble getting them in his mouth (they stick to his hands) so I put them at his lips and he lunges . He nurses the same with solids. but he isn't getting enough of anything to make a difference. And honestly, as babies all my kids still would nurse every 2 hours (around the clock!) until they were toddlers, regardless of how much they ate food-wise.
He has also been getting into stuff he knows he shouldn't. He gets really quiet when he has a cord or something in his hands and he looks at us. When he has his toys, he is noisy and doesn't pay us any mind.
Oh, last night, he was brushing my hair with my brush and babbling to me (like a true hairstylist LOL) and so I tried to get a pic of it with my soon as he saw the phone he kept staring at it saying, "HI" "HI" "HEY?"
Jul, This used to be a great place

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