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Re: help in selling

Originally Posted by cotton_all_the_way View Post
I posted something for sale.

How do I add to/change that post

How should I handle shipping fees?

What is my next step?

Help please
to edit your post just go to the bottom and click on edit. make your changes and then click save.

for the shipping you can do it by either weighing your items and figuring out what the shipping will be then add it to the amount you are asking. so if your item is say, $10 and you want add the shipping on it which is say, $3 then you would make your listing for 13PPD . the PPD means the shipping has already been added to the amount. Or you could list it for the actual price then when some one wants to know how much it will be to ship to their area you can put in their zip code and figure out actual shipping. then they would send PP to you for that amount. and you can just print your shipping label right from paypal. but if you don't have a scale to weigh your items you will need to take it to the post office and have it weighed and get a quote for Delivery confirmation(whicih is required!) and shipping.

hope that helped a little
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