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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

My dd didn't hit 14 lbs until she was a year. She has been in the fifth percentile for height for a while, but her weight kept dropping and is well off the chart. We did have to see a lot of specialists and do a lot of testing. We weren't even referred to a specialist until she was a year (some blood tests run before that), and she hadn't been gaining well since 5 months. Only in the past few months (now 18 months, and 17.5 lbs) she has been gaining weight on a curve. We still have some more tests to do, but she might just be short and skinny.

My other dd didn't gain weight from age 6 months to age 9 months. This is common as they are starting to be mobile at that age. She also had an ear infection then and didn't eat well. We went in for an extra weight check at
10.5 months and all was well. She was 18.5 lbs at a year

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