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Re: Your pregnant sex drive

Pre-pregnancy, it was pretty decent once I ditched the hormonal birth control (99% effective because I didn't even WANT to have sex) and went to NFP. It always increased around the time that I ovulated since my body REALLY wanted to be pregnant apparently. Decent though.

Pregnancy? Forget it. I'm 24 weeks now and while I didn't really have any morning sickness and nausea was controlled with eating, it just wasn't happening. Even still into my second trimester (I was really hoping things would pick up for DH's sake and they didn't), most of the time it's not something I'm even remotely into. What's weird is that it's changed a lot from pre-pregnancy.

This is your TMI warning: Stop now. Certain positions do not work at all anymore because it just HURTS. It also feels like a desert down there to me, but DH gets the exact opposite effect, which is great for him but not so for me.

Stimulation has changed too. Things that worked pretty well before don't now. Things that I hated I don't mind. I more just want to bond rather than have sex. If we can cuddle and relax together, that's sex for me. DH doesn't agree with this and isn't content with that but if I could cuddle all of the time every single day, I would be completely ok with that.

The expanding belly is difficult too. DH isn't the skinniest person in the world so the belly is really starting to feel squished more often, which is not comfortable at all.
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