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Re: Silly Butter Question

Butter that is mixed with oil, be it canola, olive or whatever, is done to make it "spreadable." If you use it in baking, it will be soupier b/c the consistency won't be the same. You could probably get around that by using less of it, but I agree with pp to just use plain butter.

Also margaine is made with soybean oil most of the time. Unless your margarine is organic, then I think there are a couple of problems with it (this is my opinion only). First, the soy has been genetically modified. I don't feel comfortable consuming food that we don't really know how it will interact with our bodies/environment long term. As much as I try, I haven't eliminated all GM food from our diets, but I am really trying to be aware of it and limit our consumption. Second, foods that are made with partially hydrogenated oils have a much higher concentration of Omega-6 fats and very little Omega-3 fats. They are lower fat than butter, but the type of fat they have is consistent with an increase of heart disease and other chronic health problems. When you think about it, America's chronic health problems coicinde with the advent of industrialized food. The more our food is tampered with, the more health problems we seem to have (this coupled with more sedentary lifestyles of course). With those things in mind, I try to make food choices for my family that are the closest to the source as possible. For us, budget-wise, that doesn't mean a lot of organic, but I do try to stick with more whole foods and less processed foods.
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