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Re: preparing for an interview

What experience do you have that qualifies/prepares you for this job?

Tell me more about yourself (this is sometimes a trick question, you think it is to answer about yourself personally, but more it is a professional question, but depends on the job)

What makes you a better candidate than others?

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

Give me an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult person/customer service issue/a person in crisis (things that could relate to the job)

Some other things I recommend, do your research on the company, it is very common for them to ask you more about what they do, or something about the position and you look bad when you try to apply for a job at a company that you have no clue who they are or what they do and you want to work there but you don't know what you will do either.

I always come prepared with typed up questions to ask, things such as: what is the most challenging thing about this job? what are short comings that others have had that were not able to be successful in this position? What characteristics are you looking for in the person you pick for this position?

I TA'd in college in an interviewing and listening class and also briefly taught job skills in a youth program. I generally interview well and have gotten most jobs I have interviewed for (nothing major, I'm just a correctional officer). My best asset is being prepared, if you really want the job I think it impresses employers when you seem to know about their company and really want to learn more about the job.

On my sheet with questions I leave space to write notes, which I do during the interview. If I ask them something or they just tell me stuff I write it down. I also make a point of when going into an interview of shaking hands and saying everyone's names. I then write them down, if I'm not sure on any of the spellings I will ask the secretary or look them up on their website if they have one. I then always write thank you cards, preferably to each individual thanking them for their time and consideration, it is also a way of slipping in things you forget.

One more of my tricks, things I don't want to forget to say during the interview I also put on my sheet of paper, I'll bold or bullet them so they stand out.

Good luck on your interview, I think with preparation anyone can interview well. Some things are dependent upon the job. Feel free to PM me if you need more help.
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