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Re: Any NC Mamas?

Fayetteville and trying to figure this all out. any help would be great! I'm trying to start cloth diapering with the covers. I only have one dappi cover/nylon pants (not sure exactly what it is) and the "rubber pants". i have all the prefolds i need just trying to figure out the best cover and where to buy it at the right price. any tips ideas? also going to try to homeschool my son when he is older, he will be 1 in may. also have 1 DD on the way. hope to get to know people. i'm also still new to this website so not sure how the replies work for postings. if you e-mail please put "diaper swappers" or something that will grab my attention and not think its spam. sorry this is so long, not sure where to start. hopefully my next ones will be shorter .
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