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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

My DS is nearly 11 months (next week he'll be 11 months) and he only weighs 16 lbs.
He was in the -5th percentile for his weight at 9 months and has only graduated to actually being *on* the graph here recently. He's now in the 5th percentile.
We've had him poked and prodded, worried and fretted over him and all the tests and Dr.s have decided that this is just how he was made.
So I hope your baby is healthy and happy and is just made small. There has to be someone at the bottom of the chart and someone at the top or our charts would just be straight lines!
Keep nursing her, breastmilk has more calories per oz than formula, you can ask my son's GI Dr!
I know how hard it is having a little one, you just gotta keep the faith that they'll grow when they're good and ready!!
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