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In case I don't get an epidural . . .

This is baby #3 and I got epidurals with the first two, but I'm thinking I'm going to try go as long as possible and maybe even all the way without out an epidural. My previous two labors were completely different. With DD#1 my water broke and contractions never started so I ended up on pitocin (evil!) and was in complete hell until I got the epidural. With DD#2 my body did its thing, and I just decided to go ahead and get epidural when I got to the hospital (was 3cm). With both labors, my contractions completely stalled out when it came time to push. Never needed intervention, just have to wait 10 minutes between contractions or push in between contractions.

So I'm 34 weeks on Wednesday, and I'm looking for suggestions on techniques to deal with labor au natural. Tell me where to look - books, websites, videos. Thanks!
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