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Re: In case I don't get an epidural . . .

in my opinion, you just have to have a cause... let me explain.

If you go in all willy-nilly saying I'll try for natural, most likely it won't happen, I don't mean to be snarky, but really that seems to be the way it happens unless it's lightning fast.

BUT, if you have a cause (ie: I don't want my baby to have drugs, I don't want to push while on my back, I want to be able to get up, etc.) then it's much easier IMO.

My cause was that I didn't want to push on my back, I wanted to let gravity help AND I was determined to have a waterbirth and at our hossy - epi = NO waterbirth (obviously). Granted I got to the hospital and ds2 was born 15 minutes later, so there wasn't much time to sway me, BUT it was easy to not go in earlier because, what was the point? All i needed them for was to actually deliver the baby and I wanted the tub .

So - my suggestion, find a legitimate "cause" and it will help a ton.
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