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Re: motherhood maternity scam?

They signed me up for it without asking me THEN sent it to the wrong address. My neighbor was receiving the magazine and throwing it out (gee thanks) for months on end. Then she was also getting billing notices. Finally when the 3rd one came out she gave it to me. It said something to the order of, "account in default, 3rd billing notice etc" all over the envelope, which is just slightly embarrassing to say the least.

I called and it was no problem they released me from any obligations but they did ask a ton of questions and sounded like they didn't believe me at first.

They signed me up for a bunch of junk mail though that I (or rather my neighbor ) am still receiving. I think I might file harassment charges against St. Judes. GEEZ they send a ton of junk.

Originally Posted by bpure8 View Post
I've kind of been dreading shopping there this go round! It takes FOREVER to check out. Hate declining this and that and the other.. Can I just walk into the store with a post-it stuck on my fore head saying "If it's not in my arms, I don't want to buy it or try it!"

^^^This is how I feel about Toys R US. I used to LOVE going into that store and now I can't stand it. I'm so sick and tired of them trying to sell me 3-5 extra things. When they were trying to get me to get one of their shopping cards they used the whole "buy ______ and get a package of Pampers free". I said, "No thank you, we cloth diaper". and the cashier actually said, "Oh ewwww".
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