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Re: In case I don't get an epidural . . .

ACTIVE BIRTH by Janet Balaskas. I swear I've been posting this book on everybody's thread. It was by far the BEST book I'd read and it completely readied me for my drug free homebirth. What is so wonderful about this book is how it's laid out. So, it explains the problems inherent in drug births and why drugfree birth works and how we've been doing it for a million bajillion years without drugs and we've been doing just fine. It then explains what happens in each stage of labor -- what happens to our bodies, what is happening to the baby, and what it feels like, AND a multitude of positions that could work in different situations (and explaining why being on your back doesn't work at all). It truly diminished any fears I had going into my own birth experience. My labor lasted 14-15 hours from start to finish (it was my first), and I only had to push for an hour or two. It was fantastic!!

Good luck and have fun!
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