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Re: Having a really hard time with pregnancy

Originally Posted by staceyroo77 View Post
Oh, and I forgot to mention, I have sciatica too, and heartburn, and pelvic pressure/pain. I haven't tried a chiropractor, thought about it, need to see if insurance would cover any of it. With the cost of GD, I don't know if I afford a chiropractor. Just the past few days my stomach has been hurting. I guess I don't have as much room for food or something. I have a hard time figuring out what foods to eat, never really want to eat, except dinner. I usually despise snack time. UGH. Oh, so how often are you doctors appointments? I'm going every two weeks to MFM for my GD and have been since the beginning, that's wearing me down. Now, I've just been told I have to go to my regular OB every two weeks two instead of once a month. That puts me once a week alternating between the two practices.
Oh mama we are in the same boat! But you've got 3 kids to take care of instead of just two. I feel like a real complainer...
I've been having trouble eating enough as well; the diet they have me on is a lot more carbs than I am used to (I used to eat very low carb) but I guess it's helping keep my fasting sugar lower. As for a chiro, check your insurance because some will cover it. Mine supposedly does but I just got a huge bill from the chiro for stuff ins wouldn't cover, and I think it would have cost me less to pay OOP rather than my co-pay plus all this that they wouldn't cover. Oh well. It's totally worth it, IMO. I would not be able to walk if I wasn't doing it. to you too...this is a drag!

I just realized we are due a few days apart!
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