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Re: Having a really hard time with pregnancy

Originally Posted by jessc82 View Post
I feel for you mama!

I would totally recommend finding a chiropractor. I see one weekly because my body makes too much relaxin during pregnancy and my hip completely refuses to stay in place. I ended up on bed rest during my last pregnancy because of it. So far, I've been seeing the chiro weekly this pg and although, I'm in pain, I can still walk.

The initial fee for a chiro can be pricey, but the weekly visits usually aren't too much and they are often willing to work with people who don't have insurance.
I am seeing a chiro every two weeks. Weekly would probably be better, but I'm not sure we have the extra $200 a month for that! i think I would probably be on bedrest right now if I hadn't started seeing my chiro. By the end of the day I am basically limping around trying to find ways to not get up, or making strategies in my head for taking the fewest steps.
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