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Re: Having a really hard time with pregnancy

Originally Posted by MamaWillow View Post
Oh mama we are in the same boat! But you've got 3 kids to take care of instead of just two. I feel like a real complainer...
I've been having trouble eating enough as well; the diet they have me on is a lot more carbs than I am used to (I used to eat very low carb) but I guess it's helping keep my fasting sugar lower. As for a chiro, check your insurance because some will cover it. Mine supposedly does but I just got a huge bill from the chiro for stuff ins wouldn't cover, and I think it would have cost me less to pay OOP rather than my co-pay plus all this that they wouldn't cover. Oh well. It's totally worth it, IMO. I would not be able to walk if I wasn't doing it. to you too...this is a drag!

I just realized we are due a few days apart!
DD#1 goes to school now, so most of the day I have two. I kinda feel bad though b/c I wanted to home school, but I was so nauseous at the beginning I just wasn't doing anything with her for school. DH and I finally decided that we should send her to school. I am glad that she really enjoys it, and has a good teacher.
I think I will look into seeing a chiropractor, just got to make myself actually check into it though!

Originally Posted by moley View Post
Have you had any blood work done recently to see if maybe you are iron defient or if your thyroid levels are were they need to be??? the being tired, dizzy, emotional depressed thing makes me wonder if something else is going on ???? Maybe it is something to talk with doctor or mw about the next time you see them???
I think this is a good idea. I actually have hypothyroid, but I haven't need to adjust my thyroid medicine so far, my levels have been good. My iron levels were slightly low. I just started taking some extra iron. I get blood were at least every month, and with seeing the high risk docs and my regular OB, it sometimes end up being more often than once a month.
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