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Re: sex and nursing!

Originally Posted by ommelissa View Post
i'm so glad someone brought this up! i am 7 months PP, and i still have zero desire and my body just DOES NOT respond to DH. it totally feels like a job to both of us! anybody have any other suggestions?
BTW, two weeks PP? aren't you still sore?
not until my af came back was i interested ... those hormones really play a huge role. another tmi from me if your dh is up for it i found that sometimes if dh spent sometime uh exploring - caressing (wow can i write this here?) then i would be a lot more interested.

i know that its hard as a wife not to feel into your dh. i hth a little
p.s, w/ the first i was sore for at least 4-5 months pp, but luckily w/ the second after about 4 wks i wasnt sore. strange
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