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Re: Saying the "R" sound


I asked today and it is one of the later letters to be able to say, they are not even concerned with it as much at this point(kids are 4 and 5) and work on others first.

I think even just overemphasising(sp?) the rrrrrrr will eventually click with him.

I know L is a late one too and my ODS(who's very articulate in speech btw at 7)could not say it at one of his ped check ups(think age 4) and she was not concerned, he would say wolllipop instead of lollipop. Sure enough he got it about 2 months later as we would ask him to say it every now and then.

I think if YOU just keep saying it right and rrrrr, then he should get it when it's the right time. In fairness that one is a hard cue compared to some of them!
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