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Re: Relocating to Las Vegas?

i live in las vegas, but I'm a transplant from the South and i do NOT like it here mostly due to the HOT HOT HOT summers! and people are so rude here and crazy drivers and it's expensive in terms of electric bills and stuff though I do enjoy not having the tax on groceries i like that. We have a GREAT church and most of our neighbors are wonderful and we have dinner parties often which are fun! I love the shopping here and there's a great variety of grocery stores so i can always find the best deal on produce and eat healthy due to the low prices at 99 cent only and Food 4 Less. However, people are kinda rude here, but I'm a creature of habit and find that I go to the same places over and over and most of those places have SUPER nice people. The people at walmart know me by name and always ask abotu my baby and when she is due and i like that. The produce at my local walmart isnt that great most of the time but there is a produce guy named Jose and he always picks out the best stuff for me (i like green bananas so they dont go bad before I can eat them all i like to eat them when they are yellow-green NO LATER), and he will go to the back and pick through boxes to get them for me. He will check prices and he even referred me to their deal today of 5 avacados for a DOLLAR! And they werent nasty avacados they were NICE avacados! idk why they were on sale LOL anyway, the freecycle group here is big and that's actually how i got into CDing and learned abotu through freecycle and a SUPER generous freecycler. Anyway, vegas isnt so bad, especially if youre used to 110+ degree weather in the summer and the $250+ electric bill that comes with it, but I AM NOT!!! We live in an apt that doesnt have energy eff windows, etc so our electric bill is often $275+ per month in the summer bc i HAVE to have the AC on as soon as it hits 100 degrees for sure! Hubby has an AWESOME career here (he's been witht he company for 11 yrs he transferred within the company here from OH), and that's why we stay but we're making arrangments to move to East TX where my family owns land. but that wont be til April 2012 at the EARLIEST anyway, PM me if you have anymore questions. BTW I like Henderson better than Summerlin. Summerlin isnt NEAR as green as Green Valley/Henderson though summerlin does have the mountains. I just prefer an older more established community summerlin is too new for me.. I'm a born and raised Southern girl and summerlin is just too new -- too new money -- too pretentious -- to lofty for me... I always learned growing up that people with real money dont feel they have to flaunt it... Henderson/green valley isnt like that... and I prefer to be around down-to-earth people not people who have to show off what they cant afford LOL anyway, we love the green valley area i especially do bc it's so green adn there's actaully GRASSS AND TREES!!! but to each his own you know? keep in touch if you want
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