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Re: sex and nursing!

Keep in mind that breastfeeding kind of dulls those hormones naturally. It can cause dryness and keep the blood from flowing where it needs to be...know what I mean?

2 wks is a little early to have too high expectations. My dh does not mind the boobage AT ALL...he thinks its neat and tastes good ('No wonder that baby loves these!') far as leaking, I try to nurse or pump immeidately before bed 'just in case' cause a let down in bed is kind of messy if you aren't prepared. I definintely 2nd the sexy bra doesn't even have to be a nursing bra (I can't imagine you'd want to sleep in something high maintenance anyway so you'll probably change it during 'clean up') but there is a certain sexiness to a nusing bra when the cups come down...just give it some time and be grateful that you are well enough down there to even be thinking of this stuff already - dh had to wait 5 months for 'full action' with our first and the whole 6 wks with our 2nd...
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