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Re: sex and nursing!

I'm having a tough time with this too. If I never had sex again, I'd be just fine, but DH would keel over or explode !!

We recently bought the book "Babyproofing You Marriage" and there's a whole chapter about sex.
It's quite a 'mainstream' book, but you can take or leave the information/advice they dish out.
One of the things they suggest is to schedule time for sex. Put aside one day(or more) a week that is just for you and DH and try to stick to that schedule. It works for us b/c even though I'm never in the mood, I know what to expect and I don't have to feel tense throughout the week when I think he's about to advance on me...(He would snuggle up to me and I would snuggle back thinking how romantic, then, BAM! 'let's get naked?'... NOOO! The book has made me realize that it hurts him to get rejected, but it's also taught him snuggling does not = sex!

Scheduling doesn't work for everyone.

Sex doesn't have to be restricted to the bedroom either. People wonder how we have a sex life if our kids are in bed with us We have sex elsewhere...problem solved.

P.S. my boobs are off limits
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