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Re: Having a really hard time with pregnancy

Originally Posted by Jennybee View Post
$200?!?! How much does your chiro charge for an adjustment? Mine is only $30 and he is fantastic! I'd also say find a massage therapist that is trained/specializes in prenatal massage. (maybe I'm biased because I am a MT) My last pregnancy was horrid and painful, but this time I've been getting regular massages and it has made a world of difference. Just my
It's $45 each time. So I guess $180 a month if I go weekly, which seems like a lot. I just got a letter today from my chiro and she's taking a year sabbatical, so argh I will have to find someone else I guess...As for massage I am going for my second one tomorrow. I had one almost 2 weeks ago and I was super sore the first day but felt good after that and slept so much better. Luckily I've got a friend that I'm going to trade with (I do facials/waxing) so I can do it often!

Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
I am in the same boat as you mama! This being my first time being pregnant, I can't imagine EVER wanting to do it again. They say you forget, though...

I had a bout of awful sciatica where I couldn't move at all. I felt like an old person. On the recommendation of my boss I got Shiva Rae's prenatal yoga dvd at Target and after a few days of doing it, the sciatica was almost gone. A week later I don't have it anymore. I really recommend it.

I feel awful after breakfast too and I'm thinking I've got low blood pressure or low blood surgar or something because I have almost passed out twice now while just sitting. It's definitely not fun.

I won't say anything like hang in there it's all worth it to you because that's so not what you want to hear right now (trust me, I know.) I guess all I can say is I try and do things to make me happy(er) like get my nails done, get pedicures, eat something yummy and take warm baths. I also make lists of all the amazing things I'll do once this is over like drink wine and beer, eat lots of sushi, and start dropping this excess weight. It's the only thing that keeps me going!
Thanks for the yoga recommendation! I will definitely try it! At this point I feel like I will do anything. I totally feel like an old I could hardly walk!

I love your list idea too! I will have to start doing that, I think I have a mental list but writing it down probably helps a lot.
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