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Dollar Tree Test

My DH had a vasectomy and got the all clear a few months back. My cycle hasn't been consistent since having my last, who will be 3 in March. In December I started keeping track of my cycle again so I'd have an idea of when AF would be here. I don't have much of a record to compare things against, but my period is not here and it's nine days late compared to my last cycle.

I thought nothing of it until this morning. I'm feeling nauseous. After writing that down, I realized I've been extra sleepy this past week as well. I contributed that to the fact that I had to wake up and give my son medication at 1am every morning. It's still a possibility. He did end up with a virus that he just got over two days ago. I could have caught it, so that would explain the nausea.

It seems that for every symptom I have there's something else that could explain it.

Anyway, I had a dollar tree test that was never used and decided to take it. There's a VERY faint line that showed up right away. Faint enough that I decided to research evap lines and learned evaps can show up right away. I've never had a positive test from DT. Has anyone had a really faint line when their period is as much as nine days late? That just seems absurd to me.

I took an EPT with my firstborn the day I missed my period, and it was a dark positive. With my youngest two I had dark positives around the same time with tests that I bought online (recommended here, but I forgot the name). Being nine days late and having a faint positive seems like a stretch. It is, right? LOL
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