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Re: For those dealing with recurrent, constant thrush...there IS hope!!! (and benefit

Here's my update!

I LOVE this stuff! I've been using Threelac and Candex for about a month now, and I am noticing major improvement. The burning sensation in my nipples is gone and hasn't returned, and the shooting pains in my breasts are extremely rare. The shooting pain only happens if I eat way too much sugar in one setting, and even then it's not that bad and very rare. So really, I haven't changed my diet at all (I still eat sugar and carbs) and I haven't had a thrush outbreak since I started the supplements. Eating less carbs would probably be even better, but I don't have that discipline (tried it in the past). It's pretty amazing, and I will be continuing to order the stuff. I've read that it takes about 5 months to completely heal yourself, but I noticed a change right away.

I do have die-off symptoms, which I also noticed as soon as I started taking it. I felt slightly dizzy after taking Threelac the first time, and I also have mild headaches after taking Candex. I think I have had candida issues for most of my life, so I think the die-off might take awhile for me.

Overall, I highly recommend Threelac and Candex just like the OP! It is pricey, but being thrush-free has done wonders for my breastfeeding relationship with my baby. I almost switched to formula because of recurrent thrush, but now i feel free.
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