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Re: Silly Butter Question

Originally Posted by KryzdanJDC View Post
on a side note here I think that the spreadable butter (with the oils) is a waste of money! Butter does not need to be refridgerated so I always fridge or freeze most of it and leave a stick out at room temp so it is soft enough to spread! just make sure you have a butter tray or a container to keep it closed up in! Not to mention you cant use the spreadable kind in baking or lots of recipes! Plus i think REAL butter tastes much better! (actually i think the kind you can make at home tastes even better but well i dont have the time or money and dont like wasting the milk you drain off since i have no idea what else i would do with it!)
if you are going to eave your butter out get the salted kind, unsalted butter does need to be refrigerated since there is no salt to act as a preservative.
we try and use organic unsalted butter, since there is so much sodium in everything now a days, but because we are trying to fatten up DD(FTT) we are using butter mixed with olive oil for her since it has a higher calorie content
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