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Re: Help me pick new playset

The cedarworks ones are nice BUT they are small. Just FYI. Look at the size of the kids playing on them & going down slides. We wanted ours to last for years AND more importantly, FIT big kids.
On our KidsCreations one, we can swing & climb & slide WITH our children. Most of those other slides have too low a weight limit & are short. And swing beams that can't handle more than 100lbs a swing. Ours can hold 250lbs PER SWING POSITION. SO our beam can hold over 1000lbs of swinging weight at a time.
Try that with a big box store one!

The steps are beefy. The slats are beefy. The decks are solid. Heck, even our tarp roof beats the pants off of any tarp I've ever seen sold anywhere.

Here's ours:

Bye bye.

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