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Re: Help me pick new playset

Doing the mulch is very important. Grass, even "soft" grass can be as hard as concrete if you fall from a playset.

Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
In my opinion, the weren't big scale wise, just more "stuff" & "longer" the more expensive you got.
I meant scale BIG, not footprint big.
Our top deck is 10ft off the ground. Our bottom deck is 6ft off the ground. Our slide is 12ft long industrial commercial grade. Our swing beam is 15ft long with 4 swing positions. The decks are 6x6 inside dimensions. My son on top is 9yrs old and he looks small compared to the swing set. When you look at pics of the other ones(in my opinion, smaller), older kids have to bend over to play on things or their feet practically touch the ground from the top of the slide.
If I'm gonna spend that kindof money, it better fit them longer than toddler thru elementary school. That's all I mean. Scale was VERY important to us. And scale knocked out alot of the competition right off the bat.
But it might not be important for OP. So, to each his own.
I was just letting her know My opinion.

But I do agree with you that you get what you pay for.
KidsCreations is 50% off until Feb end. FYI.
Maybe they make them bigger now? I have their current catalog right in front of me and almost all the playsets are 12 or 13 feet tall.

I really wouldn't want something too tall, personally. A fall of 6 feet can be fatal to children. Kids can have just as much fun 4 feet off the ground - height doesn't really make a difference.

It doesn't really matter, though. You love your playset. Great! I just wanted to give her another option to look at. I'm not knocking your set at all. We're not in the market for an outdoor playset right now because the kids have a pool and sport court, but if I was going to get one, I'd get a Cedarworks, but that's just me.
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