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Contractions? And Q's for Preemie Moms..

For Preemie Moms... did you know that you were in labor? Did you have a delivery w/o meds because you weren't aware until the last minute? Or if you were on meds to stop labor, when did you finally deliver?

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I usually start my false labor/pressure a few weeks before I deliver. The last few days, the pressure/BH's have become more frequent, and they get a little more painful. It kind of worries me, because I have a MW so I don't have a DR that would do a scan to check for contractions. I also have insurance that covers nothing, so I'm avoiding going in for anything unless it's really alarming or necessary.

I'm 30 weeks now, and just feel like it's too early to feel this way. My entire belly tenses up, but it's not painful. And I do feel period-like cramps, but it's a pain/pressure that lasts for a full minute or more. Before it just lasted a half hour. The next few days after that, they came for a block of a couple hours. Now, I seem to be getting them more frequently throughout the day.

I will most definitely call the MW and head to the hospital if they ever become timeable/regular and painful. But I have heard some mama's say that they 'didn't know they were really in labor'.. so that kind of scares me. I'd much rather be precautious and be able to get meds and steroids for the LO if she needs it, then wait until it's too late.

Just wondering if mama's of preemies went into labor all of a sudden, or if it was gradual.

I plan to stay off my feet and drink lots of water.
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