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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I'm experiencing that as well.. but they aren't super painful. It is probably your body gearing up for labor. Alot of women have told me that by #3.. your body can start 'getting ready' sooner. I am really worried about a preterm baby, but we'll see. Mine aren't super painful.. but I have also had an all-natural labor and have never experienced pain like that in my life. So while I THINK they are painful, I remind myself of my last labor, and then that's put them down to 'uncomfortable pressure'. Any time I do get them, though, I drink lots of water or juice and try to take it easy.

Hope everything goes well! I have a MW, and am doing a homebirth. If my INS covered anything, I would be in there just to get checked. It doesn't hurt to get looked at, and have them check for contractions.
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