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Re: How many children?

I'm pregnant with #3 and this is IT for us!

-I don't like being pregnant, I always feel like crap
-Would have stopped at 2 but DD is from my previous marriage and I felt like DH deserved to have another bio child
-vacations/trips get more expensive and complicated with each child
-don't want to have to drive a church van!
-want to have room in our house without being all cramped in together, have enough space for each person
-I am not very patient and I can't really "deal" with a lot of kids. I LOVE my kids but I am not cut out to be a mom to many

ETA: birth control isn't good for me and neither are condoms. DH is going to get snipped so we can actually have a good sex life without having to worry about me getting pregnant all the time!

ALso- my kids share a room currently, and when this baby comes we will either have 2 boys or 2 girls sharing. That's not what I mean by space...think....Duggars before they built their ginormous house That's what I picture!

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