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Re: How many children?

We have no set number every child is prayerfully considered. I heard a saying that the cost of a college education is the best form of birth control. That for us has never been a concern,dh and I were both given everything as kids and we totally took it for granted and threw it all away. We want our children to work for what they have. If they want to go to college there are plenty of options and we will support them with lodging ,meals,ect but they have to WANT it,it needs to be up to them when they are ready. We expect them to work and certainly would never settle for them sitting around you have to be in school or working full time once they graduate high school. I also don't except this idea that everyone has to go to college to make something of themselves I have watched so many friends so far in debt,only to work minimum wage or simply find there are NO JOBS in their field. If one of my kids wanted to be beautician or a plumber or priest or candle stick maker() I would be completely supportive of that. Some of my kids share a room and some have their own,to me that is not a factor for more kids. I have no desire to take all of my kids to Disney land ever and certainly not every year ,so the vacations we take are camping or traveling to historical sites ,ect and those are the more the merrier. I think for us the thing is I see people around us worrying about college ,clothes, vactaions and it makes no sense to me the things that truly matter don't involve expensive things. I realize that I can not give each child the same attention that I could if I had one or two children but instead they have an even greater gift--- each other. My kids have life long friends and support and I know once dh and I are gone they will not be alone and they will have been given the most precious gift growing up, love and attention .... not things.
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