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Re: How many children?

I have always wanted 3 and DH has always wanted 2. We have 2 now and I am trying to get DH to keep an open mind about having another one. DH is also older than I am by 13 years and is already 43 so I know his age is a big factor for him. And the newborn stage has been hard on both of us since I am not the best person in the middle of the night and have had little sleep. We do plan on paying for college and have set up college funds for both DD's and we'll probably have help from the grandparents as well. We are comfortable financially so we shouldn't have too much trouble doing this. If we do have another one, we might need to move because we'd like each child to have their own room. I wouldn't mind them sharing but the bedrooms in our home are really small and it would be hard to share. We are in California where it is very expensive to live and houses are crazy expensive so that honestly be a factor for us also. I don't feel done with two but I can't force DH to have another if he doesn't want to so we'll see how it goes.
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