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Re: How many children?

When we got married we never set a number. We said we were done after ds1 because he had GERD and was a lot of work to keep healthy. It was a big toll emotionally and knowing that 50% of all babies have some form of reflux we just couldn't do it again. But when he was 4 and life was going good we decided maybe just 1 more. 2yrs later we had ds2 and he was literally a bundle of joy He was SO EASY. We said maybe 1 more later. We had an oops pregnancy one month when ds2 was turning 2 and we were happy about it but a little unprepared. We lost that baby and then realized we wanted just 1 more. SO 2 more m/c's and 11 months later I got pregnant with ds3 We are happy with things now and I do believe we are done! I am LOVING every minute of my last baby though.

The 2 oldest boys share a room right now until the baby is more on a sleep schedule and not waking at night to eat. When that happens the two youngest will share a room so my oldest can have his own room. He is 11 now and needs his own space.

I think for some it is a difficult choice to make and others it is very cut and dry.
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