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Re: How many children?

I didn't read the other replies and I am just jumping right in. We have 3 ages 4, 2, 6 months. Dh said he is done but after a few long talks we have decided to try for one more. I just don't feel done in my heart is the biggest reason but a few other (probably silly) reasons are I kinda want an even number, I don't want a true only middle child, I want a big family. Our kids share a room (2 of them) and while I do at times think it makes some things harder I think the closeness and teaching moments of siblings sharing a room will be big benefits in the long run. About college dh was all adamant about paying for their college cause his parents didn't help him one cent but there is no way we will be able to afford to do that unless we win the lotto. So we hope to be like my parents while they didn't pay my way, they helped us out tremendously. We do have savings accounts for them but I know there won't be enough to pay for their whole college. I feel like 4 is my magic number but I wouldn't be opposed to more
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