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Re: You cant even parent in NY without CPS being threatened at every turn...

If you think that your daughter has problems then it is much better to call EI and get the ball rolling on that. The shot thing, he was probably bsing you and I would send a complaint to his bosses/medical board for him using scare tactics into forcing you to do something you did not agree to do. That is very very wrong on so many levels. The Hubby used to bang his head against the wall/floor when he was little every time he was angry (he even has a mark on his head where the hair does not grow in the spot he used to hit frequently). He says that he was about 2-4 at the time and that nothing anyone did made him stop. It was when he realized that he wasn't getting the attention he wanted and he was causing himself pain that he decided to stop.

I would change clinics or request to only see another doctor right away. What kind of doctor is told of the things that a child is doing and instead of trying to see if the child needs help is threatening the parents?
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