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Re: Contractions? And Q's for Preemie Moms..

Thank You SOOOO much for this!!

I know I was having some kind of preterm labor.. but everyone just kept saying.. they aren't regular and you're not screaming in pain, so it's nothing. Luckily I haven't had those same labor/contractions for 2 days now. Which is SO good. And it just supports my idea that it wasn't just some daily BH contractions that I will have from now until the end. I really think I was going into preterm labor.

I'm just glad it has stopped! I plan to take it as easy as I can and drink lots. It bothered me that even though I'm drinking a gallon of milk every 2 days also, and taking hot showers and laying down, it didn't stop the contractions. That's when I knew something was wrong. Even when I had labor the day before or the day of delivery.. I was still able to stall or stop my contractions with the hot shower and laying down or drinking alot. Of course closer into the labor there was no stopping them. But I just knew it was more then just nothing.

I'm really hoping to make it to atleast 36 weeks. My MW won't deliver any earlier, and even at 36 she is hesitant, and really prefers I be 37. So hopefully this little girl just had a problem of some sort and is fine now. I DID find out that I had a yeast infection (which I've never had before.. so it confused me!). As soon as the yeast infection was gone, I've been good since. So that could have aggravated it!! Thank goodness I looked up the symptoms I was having and got the medicine for it!

Best wishes with your little one, too! I hope she stays in there so you can have another close-to-term or full term baby.
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