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Re: sex and nursing!

Definately let him know that BOOBS ARE A GO!!!!!!! If he's weirded out by BFing or scared you will shoot him in the eye, then pump like crazy before hand! As crazy as it sounds, if he knows your pumping "for him" he may be willing to pump for you, or to do things while you are pumping to "prepare" etc. AND the next time he sees you pumping, he may recall the last time and . ANYWAY, as for the not wanting any part, it takes time and WTG mommy for trying! I too was ready after my 1st DS about 12 hours after! I was just SO attracted to my hubby, SO overwhelmed with love and thinking that we made this beautiful creature - lets go another round -!! We held off till the 6wk visit though, cause we didn't know that it wasn't really Manditory to hold off!!! The second DS It was about 3 days and we snuggled like bunnies, but held of DTD for 2 weeks, just took it really slowwwww! POINT IS - FOLLOW YOUR OWN PACE - BUT KNOW THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEX MORE OFTEN ARE PROVEN TO BE HAPPIER DUE TO ALL THE GREAT HORMONES YOUR BODY PRODUCES - Ward off the baby blues by making sure your hubby doesn't get blue either (hehe)
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