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Re: Contractions? And Q's for Preemie Moms..

Originally Posted by hippieintraining View Post
My naturopathic Dr has me taking magnesium citrate, since last time labor started at 34 weeks. I have a dosage range to take, depending on how frequent/intense the contractions are... It's supposed to calm the uterus. I'm supposed to stop taking it at 36.5 (and I'm almost 33 now).

I never had regular contractions. I never knew when 'real' labor was starting. My prodromal labor lasted a month, and DS arrived at 38.5 weeks, perfectly healthy (though I thought I was going crazy from a month of labor).

I'm doing hypnobabies this time and plan on starting my 'baby stay IN' track if things really start up strong again... hopefully not!!

GL!! Really!! And yes, rest...

Yeah.. the prodromal labor is a killer. It completely exhausts you, that is for sure! I remember when real labor came.. I was so exhausted from the previous weeks of false labor that it just seemed to last forever and ever. I just tore my pelvic muscles (which had been weak for a long time).. so now I'm on bedrest and can only get around in a walker or a wheelchair. So I'm taking it easy! I should be better in a few weeks, but basically plan to stay on some easy bedrest until delivery. DH's little sister who is 16 just came this week to stay with us to help me with my DS and the house. So I think we will have her stay all the way up until I deliver and a little after.
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