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Re: Contractions? And Q's for Preemie Moms..

For me, I had PPROM at 32weeks with both my preemies. It was totally random in the middle of the night once after lots of preterm labor for WEEKS and weeks of bedrest from PIH and the other it happened without warning and no other symptoms.

Both my girls were inductions with pitocin as I never went into labor. One was born at 33 weeks and one was born at 34weeks. My 34 weeker we had time for betamethasone shots for her lungs and the 33weeker never had time for the shots. She does have asthma now so. . . . .something to think about. They both stayed about 2 weeks in the nicu for different issues. Both were good sizes for their gestational age. My 34 weeker was 5lbs 3oz and my 33 weeker was 4lbs 12oz.

I think I KNEW my girls would be early. I didn't want to listen to my body but I knew. I insisted on washing all the diapers and blankets and clothing and setting up the house completely at 32 weeks with my 34weeker. Everyone told me I'd just be rewashing in 2 months but I HAD to do it. And 3 days later, my water broke. With my 33 weeker, I was still working full-time waitressing and everyone kept telling me that I wouldnt' make it until my due date, I was going early. My boss worried for me constantly. I kept telling her everything was fine, no issues. But in my mind I knew she was right. I felt it too. I knew any day I would be calling in sick to work. And my water broke 3 hours before I was due to work and I had to call in sick on my way to the hospital and tell them to cover my shifts indefinitely. Mom always knows, deep in her gut. I didn't want to listen because I ddin't want two preemies but I knew in my heart that we weren't going to make it.
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