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Can I vent here about mis-leading shipping?

There is a certain site that offers "express" shipping and handling and there carrier is USPS. I think this is very mis-leading and am in a bit of a mood about it. I ordered something from them sunday night knowing it would ship monday and paid more for shipping than the product under the assumption it would be "express"
well yesterday I get my tracking inforamtion and it was sent priority, great. I would have gone somewhere else had I realized I was paying 18 dollars for priority mail. I wouldn't have chosen this option had I not needed the items in 1-2 days. I honestly didn't expect my diapers to sell so quickly and I am left with 3 we are *almost* potty trained but, she still has days but, I digress. (always wanted to say that) Guess I just have to wait 2-3 more days and follow her with a towel and a mop...
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