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Can I leave feedback?

I don't know whether I am allowed to leave feedback or not, but I just feel like this was rude. I messaged a mama to find out if 3 diapers were available on Feb. 6, that same day she contacted me back telling me that 1 of the diapers was pending but the other two were available. She'd let me know if it was still for sale or not. On Feb 7 she told me the diapers were still available and gave me a total to send a money order. On that same day I told her I'd need her address to send the money order. No response. On Feb 10, I messaged her again saying I was still interested and wanted to know if they were still available. I've still not heard back from her.

It just annoys me that she could have told me if she changed her mind or sold the diapers to someone else instead of giving me a total and never responding back. I could have gotten into another transaction instead of holding money for her.

I just don't know if I can leave feedback (neutral) since no money exchanged hands...
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