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Re: Measuring Small?

I measured right on until 22 weeks (then I was measuring 24 weeks), then at 26 weeks I measured 25 (so a little behind, but concerning because I was right on, then ahead, then behind). At 28 weeks and 30 weeks, I was behind still, so my midwife had me go for another U/S to check my amniotic fluid to make sure it wasn't low. Had an U/S at 31 weeks, and everything was fine The U/S did predict my due date 6 days later (so baby 6 days behind), but since the U/S's due date calculations aren't exact, my MW wasn't worried. They didn't even change my due date (they won't do that unless it's over or under by like 14 days). So really my MW just wanted to see that all the measurements they did were within the avg range (and they were ). I went in for my 32 week appt last week and still measured a bit small, but since the U/S was good and I'm consistently small, no worries I think if my growth were to stop completely or not be proportional then there might be cause to worry.
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